Hop-on, hop-off, and experience the art treasures of Lake Tuusula area!

Suviranta. Picture: VisitTuusulanjarvi.fi

LikeFinland tested the Visit Lake Tuusula bus, which is on traffic for the second summer now.  It  takes guests around the Lake Tuusula four days a week, from Tuesday to Sunday until September 15, 2019.

Lake Tuusula is such a wonderful cultural attraction that really deserves a bus! Just over a hundred years ago, the famous artist community arose in the Lake Tuusula region. Finland's first railway connection from Helsinki to Hämeenlinna in 1862 was one of the reasons, that the artist community broke out right here. With the bus the guests are able to see all the destinations of the region on the same day, and learn more about them, as the friendly chauffeur-guide knows so much stories about the destinations!

Visit Lake Tuusula bus takes guests around the destinations of Lake Tuusula. Picture: LikeFinland.fi

Visit Lake Tuusula bus takes guests around the destinations of Lake Tuusula. Picture: LikeFinland.com


We started our trip from Hyrylä, Tuusula, but you can join the hop on - hop off -ride anywhere on the route. We got to enjoy at first the scenic west side of the Lake Tuusula, and our first stop was Sarvikallio, which is also called a ”Little Koli” because of the stunning view there. Sarvikallio is an excellent place for rest, for example, on a bike ride around the lake or as a single hiking destination. The area's nature trails have been renewed this summer, and also stairs are built from the strad to the cliff. Car park is also within walking distance.

Our trip continued to a cozy area in Vanhankylänniemi. There you can find the Pytingin puoti, which is a shop with handicrafts, and a summer café in Vanhankylä Manor, as well as a summer theater show, this summer a screenwriting by Eppu Nuotio and Tiina Brännare, a musical show called ”Love in Ahola”.

Picture: LikeFinland.fi

West side of Tuusulanjärvi, Lake Tuusula. icture: LikeFinland.com


On west side of the lake is located also Lassila's farm with its local products and chickens, and the Härmän Rati restaurant focusing on organic products and raw materials. Härmän Rati is a two-tone building, which was originally built in Southern Ostrobothnia in the village of Ojala in Alahärmä in the 1920s.

Then we arrive to the city center of Järvenpää, where we first visit Villa Cooper. It is an impressive timber building designed by architect Lars Sonck. The house was originally built by a doctor, dentist and painter Gösta Enckell and it was originally located beside Ahola near the lake. Later, the house was moved to its present location on Myllytie, Järvenpää, and was owned by the carpet manufacturer Edvard Cooper since 1931. Cooper's wife, Agneta, testamented the building to the city of Järvenpää – but with the condition that it would also be open for the public. Now, a Villa Cooper visitor can admire not only the historic building and its artefacts, but also the numerous handicrafts in the sales exhibition.

Picture: LikeFinland.fi

Villa Cooper in Järvenpää. Picture: LikeFinland.com


After Villa Cooper, we visited Järvenpää Art Museum next to the library. Both are located in the same complex as the Järvenpää House, right next to the railway station. And wow, which world opens at the new weather-themed exhibition in there! The downstairs showroom is like a big world. One could not believe it outside the building. 


The Art Museum of Järvenpää. Picture:LikeFinland.com

The Art Museum in Järvenpää. Picture: LikeFinland.com


After the Art Museum, our trip continued for lunch at the new Gastro Bar Sesonki, opened by Citymarket, led by Matti Jämsen. The salmon served for lunch was delicious, suitable for a summer day and cauliflowers were nice and crunchy.

Sesonki. Picture: LikeFinland.fi

 Sesonki Gastro Bar at Järvenpää. Picture: LikeFinland.com


Then back on road, as there are still many destinations to see by Lake Tuusula! We stopped at Ahola in southern Järvenpää, which is a home of writer Juhani Aho and his wife, painter Venny Soldan-Brofeldt. They moved there in 1897.

Just 500 meters from Ainola's stop is the popular Art House of Jean and Aino Sibelius in Ainola and a stone's throw from Ahola, are located Kallio-Kuninkala and Suviranta. Completed in 1901, Suviranta, the artist home of painter Eero Järnefelt, is open to the public this summer with guided tours on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.


Next stop was Marin Puoti. It is a lovely gift boutique in the old barn. The product range includes small items for both bathroom, living room and the kitchen.

The last destination of our day is located near to the Marin Puoti, so we can walk there. It is Halosenniemi, the atlier of painter Pekka Halonen.

In Halosenniemi the paintings are on two floors. Guides Emmi Järvi and Tommi Ikonen told us about the Halosenniemi summer exhibition: “The exhibition includes works by women on the golden age of Finnish art (ca. 1890-1910) and works that depict women.”


Halosenniemi. Picture: LikeFinland.fi

The Guide Emmi Järvi wellcomes guests to Halosenniemi. Picture: LikeFinland.com


On our way back to Hyrylä we learn from the chauffeur more about some destinations we decide to pass this time, like the Battle School, the Lotta Museum, Air Defence Museum and Onnela, where the writer Eino Leino spent a long time. Also Krapihovi and its cosy summer restaurant Mankeli at Krapi, and architecturally unique, well-decorated hotel and restaurant milieu of Gustavelund, witch has also art exhibitions, and ferry cruises to the lake, departing from Gustavelund. They even offer rental kayaks, SUP boards, rowing boats and bicycles.

This day trip to Lake Tuusula was just a surface blow to this versatile destination. The area is worth exploring with time. Good choices for accommodation on the area include Krapi, Gustavelund and Onnela, as well as Härmän Rati and Scandic Hotel Järvenpää. There are also smaller cozy lodges, like Pescator Villas, Villa Tammikko and Bed & Breakfast Pajula.

Picture: LikeFinland.com

House the Lotta Museum, the Finnish Women’s Aid Foundation and the Air Defence Museum are located in Tuusula. Picture: LikeFinland.com


Text: Anne Kinos-Järvinen / Original Finnish text Henri Elo

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- Ecological way to get to the area is to come by train (from Helsinki or Tampere) to Ainola Station or to Järvenpää station.

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