About us

LikeFinland.com is a nationwide leisure time media where you can find places to visit and fun things to do in Finland. The service is moderated by a Finnish family owned company Sarimedia Ltd.

Our Finnish website KivaaTekemista.fi was opened on the 17th of June 2013.
Sari Sarkijärvi and Henri Elo established Sarimedia Ltd -company in January 2013. At first Sari worked at solo entrepreuner until the summer 2014. In September 2014 Henri started working as an entrepreuner as well.

We have been growing constantly since 2013 by increasing the amount of the visitors on our website as well as our net sales.

We have two passions:

1. Help you to find the best places to visit in Finland as a consumer
2. Help you to get more clients and visitors as a destination.


In February 2018 Sari got a new job for another bigger employer in digital media tasks. After that Henri has been responsible both for sales and contents of KivaaTekemistä.fi / LikeFinland.com.

Then we have had gread content providers like Johanna Hurtig in 2018 and Anne Kinos-Järvinen, started for us in the beginning of 2019. 

Henri as a CEO and Editor in chief, M.Sc. (Economics), has over 10 years experience in the media industry and company analysis in Alma Media corporation before KivaaTekemistä.fi.


LikeFinland.com is more than a media and more than a search engine – LikeFinland.com is made with a great emotion and with great heart - not without tears. We want people to find easily fun things to do and nice places to visit - especially when you are visiting cities and villages, which are not familiar to you.

We have separated the sights in our service in the following categories: Nature and animals, Family Fun, Shopping, Events, Other sights. If you are representing one of these sights or destinations, you can the Finnish one to our service free of charge (not including restaurants or accommodations apart from our media customers).

LikeFinland.com is an ad-supported content marketing travel media. Our service works with all devices.


Please feel free to contact if you want to give feedback, cooperate, give ideas for the articles, or get more customers to your destination.

And last but not least: Like wonderful Finland - like we do!! :)


Henri Elo (sales and development, contents)
Tel. + 358 400 468 174
Email: henri(a)kivaatekemista.fi