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Saariselka.com - Saariselkä Booking


Saariselka.com - Saariselän Keskusvaraamo
Name: Saariselka.com - Saariselän Keskusvaraamo
Address: Honkapolku 2, 99830,Inari
Phone:: +358 16 554 0500
WWW:: https://saariselka.com
Open: Please check the opening hours on the destinations's website.

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Open gateway to the north!

These northern regions are our backyard. Our holiday and travel shop offers the most comprehensive service for Finland’s northernmost resort. We offer accommodation, activity, transportation and dining services in Saariselkä and the northern Lapland area for businesses and individuals alike.

We want to offer you individual alternatives for holidaymaking, pastimes, recreation and relaxation, on a single site and from a single shop. We offer you an open gateway to Northern Lapland!

We have Europe’s largest wilderness. The Urho Kekkonen National Park is one of our largest conservation areas and is a popular destination for outdoor pursuits: lakes and rivers, hundreds of fells, hills, swamps and bogs and the magic created by seasons and light. Untouched nature inhabited by bears, wolverines, wolves and other elusive animals.

In the Saariselkä fell village all high standard services, hotels, restaurants and activities are within walking distance of one another. Here you will discover fantastic opportunities for a thrilling, refreshing and invigorating holiday!


Saariselkä Booking is a local company where you can make accommodation and activity bookings for the entire northern Lapland. From Saariselkä Booking you can book accommodation, activities, transfers, and catering services for individuals, companies and organizations.

From Saariselkä Bookings real time 24 h online web shop you can book flights and accommodation in a hotel, apartment, or cabin. Besides, you can book also activities that vary depending on the season.