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Prison Island & Megazone Jyväskylä

Prison Island & Megazone Jyväskylä
Name: Prison Island & Megazone Jyväskylä
Address: Sorastajantie 1 A 5, 40320,Jyväskylä
Phone:: +358 (0)50 555 8117
WWW:: https://www.prisonisland.fi/jyvaskyla/

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Take your friends with you and get ready for a challenging and thrilling adventure in the Prison Island. The idea is that you have to figure out as many exiting missions as possible in the groups of two, three or four people. Only time is the limit. This is all about working as a team.

When you get in to the cell, you have to figure out what you are supposed to do in there. When you think you know the right answer you have to work fast. Prison Island is fun for both children and adults!


Megazone laser tag is a fun, futuristic and exciting game that is suitable for all ages. Laser tag is played in a dimly lit, fog-filled, multi-level arena where players are provided with high tech vests and awesome but harmless laser guns. Players then try to score points by deactivating other players’ vests and destroying their bases.