Tytyri Mine Experience


Tytyri Elämyskaivos
Address: Kuilukatu 42, 08100 Lohja
Phone:: +358 (0) 44 369 1309
WWW:: https://www.tytyrielamyskaivos.fi/

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Tytyri Mine Experience is a unique and multi-faceted travel destination 110 metres below ground level, combining the Nordkalk mining industry, Kone’s world-class technological development, and the adventure and thrills of a travel destination.

The public has a wonderful opportunity to see this fascinating underground world, arranged by the Town of Lohja. Although the dark and humid museum area is filled with underground sounds, it is a very safe distance from the excavation work, which is much deeper down.

Now Finland’s fastest elevator is being built in the Tytyri mine. Welcome to the deeper regions of the Earth.

Modified: 05.06.2024