Visit Uusikaupunki


Visit Uusikaupunki
Address: Rauhankatu 10, 23500 Uusikaupunki
Phone:: 050 420 5333, 0440 515 209, 050 420 5425

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Whether you are looking for enjoyable city culture, shopping opportunities, a wide range of activities, or a beautiful seaside and the peace of the archipelago, not to worry – you can find all of this in Uusikaupunki. And best of all – all attractions and services are located within a short distance from each other.

There are lots of events In Uusikaupunki, f.ex. Merefesti, Crusell Music Festival, Karjurock and the Nopperla Antique Fair. Then there are sport events, themed market events as well as evening markets of Pakkahuone on summer Wednesdays.

Myllymuori’s adventure trips for children will be dwelling into the Case of the disappearing shoes. In July, you can take advantage of guided walking tours in the town centre, and wooden houses and their gardens will be open for visitors on September.

There are many museum destinations such as the historical Wahlberg's house museum and the Automobile Museum. At the Bonk museum, you will be introduced to exceptional inventions and defunctioned machinery. Art House Pilvilinna is artist Raija Nokkala and her husband Pentti Nokkala’s colourful and memorable naivistic art house on the seaside. The attractions and events also have something for the children.

The beautifully renovated Kaupunginlahti bayside with its boulevards and lighting calls visitors to the seaside. There you will also find the most popular summer meeting place, the Pakkahuone guest harbour. You can also enjoy the waves and the sun by joining one of several themed cruises on offer. The galley Olga sails to the Katanpää fort island, and children can enjoy fun pirate cruises.

On the atmospheric M/S Kerttu, you can choose between cruises to the Isokari lighthouse as well as birdwatching trips, seal safaris, Friday cruises, or the super-popular Thursday quizzes. Get to know the history of the surrounding archipelago on the Three straits cruise on Tiftö V. Gaze at the moon on Tiftö’s moonlight cruises, or relax on sauna cruises. The Velhovesi ring route is a route of bridges across the island that takes to the midst of the most beautiful archipelago without having to bother about boats or ferry timetables.

Modified: 10.11.2021