Siltasaari Café


Heinolan Siltasaari
Address: Siltasaari 1, 18100 Heinola
Phone:: 044 74 77 001

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Siltasaari Café is located on Siltasaari, an island with a rich cultural history in the middle of Heinola's national urban park area and the most famous landscape.

The café building was built in the 1920s, and it represents the classical style of the era. The old sauna was renovated for its current use, respecting the original spirit and architecture of the building.

The salty and sweet bites are always fresh and made from the best ingredients.

The café with its covered terraces are surrounded by verdant parks. Together with the flowing streams of Jyrängönkoski rapids, they form a unique and separate cultural environment that is connected to the urban structure of Heinola town through distinctive bridges.

Modified: 28.05.2024