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Holiday Centre Revontuli


Lomakeskus Revontuli
Name: Lomakeskus Revontuli
Address: Revontulentie 1, 41500,Hankasalmi
Phone:: +358 14 8448 200
WWW:: https://www.revontuli.fi/fi/

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Revontuli is a holiday centre in central Finland. Here you can unwind in the beautiful nature, be entertained by local artists, experience sauna, and do activities such as bowling, golf, frisbeegolf, hiking and skiing.

There are both cross-country skiing tracks as well as Häkärinteet skiing resort nearby - not forget Etelä-Konnnevesi National Park, one of the newest nearby.

Our new (since 2018 onwards) All Sky Aurora and Deluxe Glass Igloos offer an unforgettable relaxed form of accommodation by the nature with beautiful lake view.

Welcome to your Comfort Zone in Finnish Lakeland!